How To Make a WordPress Blog ( Tutorial)

Make a blog that works for everyone using the Dear Blogger design. Try out our theme, blogpost layout and Adsense strategy with your own beautiful content. In under 3 hours you will gain the skills to create a blog setup for your success, and I’m here to help every step of the journey.

Blogpost guide:
PDF guide:
Demo blog:


About our WordPress tutorial 0:00
Get domain name 2:33
Register web hosting 5:49
Save 50% with HostGator coupon “BigBonus” 9:20
Install WordPress to create blog 12:07
Connect domain and hosting 16:13

Welcome / Login to WordPress 20:28
Learning how to blog with wordpress dashboard 22:44
How to add any free blog theme 24:34
Get the DearBlogger theme 27:06
Write 3 new blog posts to make blog friendly 38:23
Find free blog wordpress images 44:00
Setup blog featured image 46:47
Add a video to make blog more visual 47:50
Simplify permalinks 50:50
Make wordpress blog homepage 51:54
Edit blog sidebar 53:07
Create blog categories 1:03:10
Get image thumbnails on home page 1:03:30

Create pages to setup blog information 1:04:13
Add menus to build blog navigation 1:05:10

Make blog logo 1:10:30

Add plugins to make blog powerful 1:23:32

Add Facebook like box 1:34:42
Add Google+ badge 1:40:20
Add Google fonts to new create blog headers 1:43:53
Add popular posts in sidebar to make blog more clickable 1:53:05
Add custom css to blog backend 1:56:30
Add categories to build blog sidebar 1:57:58

Email subscription form to start blog subscribers 2:03:05
Insert Google Adsense ads on the make blog income 2:10:33
Affiliate market your wordpress blog theme to make money blogging 2:31:00
Edit footer copyright and insert affiliate link 2:33:20
Write blog post to promote your affiliate link 2:35:10
Thank you guys, congratulations on your new blogs! Bye for now, ask anything in the comments! 2:42:06


How do I know this blog will work?

Simple: Use a layout design that I loved and helped our readers get awesome content fast at the Dear Blogger Community.

Blogging is hard work every day and ultimately content is king — what you write ultimately determine your success.

But what good is your finest visual content if readers can’t find or if things look off on your blog?

That’s why I wanted to give you a complete blog design — a total homepage content scheme from logo to footer — so you can just focus your blogging endeavors on creating content people will read.

We’ll create a WordPress blog (#1 blogging software) from scratch then use the Dear Blogger theme that helped me blog for a living successfully (4000+ email subscribers, not massive but an engaged community) for that past 5 years since I quit my full-time desk job.

(Story here:

Side Note: You of course don’t have to use the Dear Blogger design. You can use this WordPress tutorial to create a WordPress blog from scratch then get your own look with a free WordPress theme. But you’ll at least know some great strategies for long-term blogging success. If after 3 hrs I’ve taught you a little of what you need to make a WordPress blog then my work is done 🙂

Ultimately the goal is that you will never sweat the small stuff again and always have a community here to answer your questions.

Get started today and see you in the comments!


Created By: Greg Narayan

— Big Thanks —
HostGator – (affiliate link, thanks! 🙂 use coupon BIGBONUS for 50% off)
Theme Junkie – (affiliate link, woo cheers! :] use coupon startyourblog for all themes package to get every theme for less than price of 1 theme)
Matt –
GoDaddy –
Fiverr Neil Kohney –
Sound Dogs –

p.s. I know there are 1000s of ways to make a blog that works and do great things blogging so this is JUST ONE way. I think too many youtube tutorials on how to make a blog show you how to make something pretty but don’t actually help you blog or do the day-to-day blogging tasks at all really, they kinda of leave you with a cute blog, so this is meant to provide all that extra info for you because we’ve actually done it for real! 🙂

p.p.s. Checkout that comment below from “Matt Mullengweg” himself! :))


Passionate about passive income generation , willing to share my knowledge with other people so that we can grow together , lets learn something new everyday.

Passionate about passive income generation , willing to share my knowledge with other people so that we can grow together , lets learn something new everyday.

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