SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review: No 1 In 10 Different Facebook Polls With Plenty Of Social Media Evidence

SiteGround WordPress Hosting


SiteGround WordPress Hosting

Like most people, I got tired of EIG brands(Bluehost) and migrated to SiteGround’s semi-dedicated GoGeek plan. I was instantly happy with the speed improvements (click through my site if you want) and helpful support who did the migration for me. I’m currently running their newly released PHP 7.3which made it even faster. I rarely contact them since I don’t have hosting issues anymore, and they’ve been an outstanding silent partner the last 4 years. SiteGround was also voted the #1 host in 10 different Facebook pollsand I encourage you to join the WordPress Hosting+ WordPress Speed Up Facebook Groupso you can get unbiasedopinions on hosting.

SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review




  • #1 rated host in 10 different Facebook polls
  • First host to release PHP 7.3 on October, 24, 2018
  • Support is fast and super knowledgable about WordPress
  • Ongoing security updates prevents hacked websites
  • Semi-dedicated GoGeek plan is a perfect balance between shared/dedicated
  • Free Cloudflare + Let’s Encrypt SSL in their cPanel
  • They will migrate you for free with their GrowBig plan and up


  • Running high CPU plugins can result in CPU overages, so try to use lightweight plugins and choose a SiteGround plan that supports your bandwidth consumption


Being a member of the WordPress Hosting Facebook Group I always see the same question…

“My WordPress site is slow on XYZ hosting (usually an EIGcompany). Who is the best host?”

I literally have screenshotsof about 30 Facebook conversations where people ask about “the best hosting.” SiteGround almost always gets the most name-drops and positive testimonials.

They have amazing support and speed technologythat got my site loading in 200ms in Pingdom and .5s in GTmetrix, plus tons of features you can see on their StartUp vs. GrowBig vs. GoGeek comparison chart(and they’ll migrate you for freewith 0 downtime and have a 30-day money back guarantee). They’re also listed on the official WordPress recommended hosts.

I’ve been with SiteGround for 4 years and write WordPress speed tutorials for a living (my WP Rocket, WP Fastest Cache, and W3 Total Cachetutorials have over 700+ comments combined). Almost 3,000 people read my tutorials every day – I need to know the best host!

I included tons of unbiased social media evidence in this SiteGround WordPress hosting review… just remember that hosting is still the #1 factor in the WordPress optimization guide.

Comment if you have questions, but I think you’ll like them 🙂


1. #1 In Multiple Facebook Polls


Here’s the Facebook poll taken by the WordPress Hosting Facebook Group. Over 350 people voted who are knowledgeable about WordPress hosting. They were also rated #1 in numerous other polls by various WordPress Facebook Groups (you can click each image to see the poll)…



Ivica runs the WordPress Speed Up Facebook Group and ranks them #1 on his resources page. Ivica isn’t a SiteGround affiliate or is sponsored by them, he’s just been a client for many years.



2. 200ms Load Time + 100% Pingdom/GTmetrix Scores


Average load time is 1.3s…


1.7s load time…


1.8s load time…



People who migrated to SiteGround…


Sure there are other factors besides hosting, but it is #1 in the WordPress optimization guide.


3. Speed Technology

SiteGround’s speed technologyis one of the biggest reason people choose them. They use a powerful combination of NGINX servers, SSDs, PHP 7.3, 1-click Cloudflare CDN, and HTTP/2 servers. And their SG Optimizer plugin and Supercacher will further improve load times.



4. Security

SiteGround uses Linux containers and account isolationto prevent other websites on your server from effecting yours, plus ongoing patches and security monitoring. Of course you should change your generic Admin username and install a plugin like Wordfence, but SiteGround will do their part. Their development team constantly makes sure your site isn’t affected by threatswhich (if your site has ever been hacked) you know how important it is…


Here’s how SiteGround protects your website (listed on the features page)…


Weekly emails letting you know your site is secure…

SiteGround Security Alerts


14. Uptime (Actually 99.99%)

SiteGround has outstanding uptime technology that is actually 99.99%. If you’ve ever experienced internal server errors, bad gateways, connection failures, and other messages when your site goes down, you shouldn’t get this with SiteGround. I use Uptime Robot to monitor my uptimes which are at 100%. They use Linux containers, server monitoring, secure account isolation, etc. Other WordPress hosts say 99.99% but fail to deliver. Not SiteGround.


Check their Facebook Pageand you’ll see customers love these updates…




Passionate about passive income generation , willing to share my knowledge with other people so that we can grow together , lets learn something new everyday.

Passionate about passive income generation , willing to share my knowledge with other people so that we can grow together , lets learn something new everyday.

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